Tagebuch mit Bildern

Diary with pictures


Per-Mo'bile Up to Date

Ch. Time for a Little Sin
Schwedische Whippet Sprint-Lizenz
Besitzerin: I.-L. Andersson, Schweden

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Time for Destiny's Flip Time for Destiny's Delight
Time for Destiny's Pleasure Time for Destiny's Design
Time for Destiny's Vision




Per-Mo'bile Up to Date Per-Mo'bile Yeoman Per-Mo'bile Scandinavian Dynamite Ch. Houghtonhill Orbit
Per-Mo'bile Pipperoo Pal
Ch. Per-Mo'bile Unreal O'Red Per-Mo'bile Ricky Tick Dick
Per-Mo'bile Ovation For Olivia
Per-Mo'bile Piece Of Cake Per-Mo'bile Elton The Entertainer Rabbit Busters Cyclone
Per-Mo'bile Zinger O'zing
Per-Mo'bile Dark Red Velvet Ch. Almansor's Ironman
Per-Mo'bile Velvet In Red
Ch. Time for a Little Sin Dollipop's Blue Moon of Kentucky Ch. Almansor's Isley Brother Ch. Oakbark Midnight Mint
Ch. Silkstone Finesse
Almansor's Kentucky Fried Chicken Ch. Almansor's Ironman
Ch. Almansor�s Honky Tonk Woman
Ch. Almansor�s Magic Moments Ch. Silkstone Secret Gold Ch. Millwold Gold Dust to Exhurst
Silkstone Portrait of Love
Ch. Almansor�s Honky Tonk Woman Ch. Fly du Manoir de la Grenouill�re
Ch. Silkstone Finesse