Tiny Tunes Good Day Sunshine


* 17.02.2018

 Züchter: A. Ekenberg, DK

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  Landesjugendsieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2019
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Sea Leopard's Velvet Onyx Ch. Play A While North Sea Ch. Skyborne Crossing The Atlantic Ch. Aberdeen Remarkable In Paris
Ch. Play A While A Room With A View
Ch. Play A While Junikväll Ch. Play A While The Hours
Ch. Play A While Late Red Autumnhop Ale
Ch. Sea Leopard's Petit Pivot Ch. Top Lover du Haras d'Hélios Spirit Of Falconcrag du Haras d'Hélios
Hillsdown Rebecca
Sea Leopard's Lovely Lianna Ch. Knak Around And Around
Ch. Sea Leopard's Gentle Fire
Time for Enjoy the Rub of the Green Ch. Time for a Juke Box Hero Dollipop's Blue Moon of Kentucky Ch. Almansor's Isley Brother
Almansor's Kentucky Fried Chicken
Ch. Almansor's Magic Moments Ch. Silkstone Secret Gold
Ch. Almansor's Honky Tonk Woman
Per-Mo'bile Now it's Time for Lotta Per-Mo'bile Xerxes Ch. Balzac Strålande Tider
Tappinskis Advanced to Per-Mo'bile
Per-Mo'bile Umbra Babe Per-Mo'bile Yeoman
Per-Mo'bile Piece Of Cake