Time for breaking the Spell


* 11.08.2010


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Tess und ihr Vater Velour

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Velour bleu of Liberty Adrien X.R. de Chambord Ch. Sydney X.R. de Chambord Ch. Blue Spring's Morning Mist
Ch. Mazarine X.R. de Chambord
Peperone Polenta Peperone Picasso
Peperone Peekaboo
Romance Anglaise of Liberty Key of Harmony of Liberty Oakbark Marathon Gold at Peperone
Noblesse of Liberty
Cobyco Celebration Ch. Kharabay Single Malt at Dumbriton
Candys Delight of Cobyco
Ch. Almansor’s Magic Moments Ch. Silkstone Secret Gold Ch. Millwold Gold Dust to Exhurst Ch. Pencloe Dutch Gold
Ch. Millwold Suntan
Silkstone Portrait of Love Ch. Oakbark Masterplan
Silkstone Moonlight
Ch. Almansor’s Honky Tonk Woman Ch. Fly du Manoir de la Grenouillère Oakbark Master Quizz
Ch. Almaglo Norcis
Ch. Silkstone Finesse Thurma Royal Repetition
Ch. Firedance at Silkstone


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